The Regarding Men trio includes Paul Elam, Janice Fiamengo, and Tom Golden.  Each brings a different expertise in understanding the world of men and boys and the unique issues that challenge them. 

Janice Fiamengo

Photographs by Ed Thompson

Janice Fiamengo is a writer, former Professor of English at the University of Ottawa, and advocate for men’s issues and free speech. As a university student, she accepted that feminism was true, and read copious amounts of feminist theory about patriarchal oppression and glorious female resistance. When she began full-time teaching at the University of Saskatchewan in 1999, she came to realize that none of it was true. In 2013, she gave her first public lecture, at the University of Toronto, on feminist hypocrisy and falsehoods: she was greeted with hysterical protest and the pulling of the fire alarm. She met friend and fellow advocate Steve Brule, and together they created The Fiamengo File YouTube series about men’s rights and feminist wrongs. In 2018, she published Sons of Feminism: Men Have Their Say, a collection of personal essays by men. She lives in the Thousand Islands region of Ontario with her husband, poet and songwriter David Solway.

Paul Elam

Paul Elam is a men’s rights, civil liberties and free speech advocate residing in Roanoke, VA. He is the founder of A Voice for Men, an internationally based website run by men’s advocates from across the world. He is the co-author of Say Goodbye to Crazy, Chivalry – A Gynocentric Tradition, and Go Your Own Way – Understanding MGTOW. His latest book, Men. Women. Relationships. Surviving the Plague of Modern Masculinity, was released in June of 2019. Paul became interested in men’s issues during his career counseling individuals and families affected by addictions, where he noticed a severe anti-male bias that was driven by feminist scholarship. When he raised questions about the disparaging treatment of men who were seeking help, he was attacked and professionally ridiculed by peers. This cemented Paul’s concerns about bias in the field against men and inspired him to dedicate the entirety of his professional life to men’s issues. 

Tom Golden

Tom Golden is a therapist with 30+ years working with men and boys.  He has written three books on men’s healing and given workshops in Australia, Europe, Canada and the US.  His work has been featured on the CBS evening news, ESPN, the NFL Channel, The NY Times, Washington Post and many others.  Tom was the vice chairman of the Maryland Commission for Men’s Health.  His web site is  menaregood.com and youtube channel is menaregood.  @trgolden