Paul Elam

Pauls new book, Men. Women. Relationships is now available at amazon.

Tom Golden

Tom’s book, The Way Men Heal is available on Amazon.

Janice Fiamengo

Janice’s new book, Sons of Feminism is available on Amazon.

Paul Elam – Men. Women. Relationships

Men. Women. Relationships . Relationship books are almost always written by and for women. Even relationship books written by men usually appeal to a female audience. “That won’t do,” says men’s advocate Paul Elam. “Typical relationships involve men and women together. Both voices must be heard.” In “Men. Women. Relationships.” Elam offers the balance and counter-theory needed in the modern relationship dialogue. He takes on the nature and substance of modern relationship issues in a decidedly masculine voice that will appeal to men and be informative for women. Elam calls shots honestly, exactly how he sees them, delivering the sometimes brutal truth with a more masculine form of sensitivity. As Moiret Allegiere put it, “The writing of Paul Elam is a knuckle-sandwich lovingly delivered straight into the central nervous system; a satirical and provocative technical knock-out designed to make you stop, breathe and think. If the provocative nature of his writings is over-shadowed by anything, it is overshadowed by the compassion which directly nourishes its roots; compassion that is easily discovered by merely scratching the surface.””Men. Women. Relationships.” is a frank and factual look directly into the heart of relationship problems between men and women, written for those who prize honesty above platitudes and facts above relationship fiction. It is a book that will genuinely help men and women in their relationship lives. Also available in Kindle ($8.99)

Tom Golden – The Way Men Heal

The Way Men Heal . The Way Men Heal is a concise book that offers insight into the masculine side of healing. Have you ever wondered why men and women seem to heal differently? If so, this is a book for you. It explains how and why men and some women heal in an active mode rather than an interactive one. It offers plenty of examples including Eric Clapton and how he healed after the death of his young son Conor, and Michael Jordan and how he healed after his father’s murder. You will see how these men and many others use action as a means to tell their story. You will see how they are pulled to the future and use honoring as a means to heal rather than the expected interactive “talking about the past” modes. You will see how those who use these modes do so in a way that is simply not easily detected. It is basically invisible. The book offers a section on how to help the men you love and also a section offering therapists clinical ideas for working with men. If you are a man, read this book to affirm your unique way of healing. If you are a woman, read this book to understand the men you love. When we understand each other our relationships flourish. Also available as Kindle ($4.99)

Janice Fiamengo – Sons of Feminism

Janice Fiamengo
Sons of Feminism

Sons of Feminism . “Sons of Feminism” is the sister book to “Daughters of Feminism,” edited by David Shackleton. Feminist leaders tell us that men are entitled and powerful. Janice Fiamengo actually asked men what it is like to be male in a feminist culture–and they responded. These 25 stories may surprise you with their accounts of men belittled, disliked, dismissed, blamed, falsely accused, and discriminated against under law—all while being expected to apologize for their “male privilege.” The volume includes a substantial introduction by the editor, Janice Fiamengo, and an Appendix of Recommended Reading. Also available as Kindle ($3.99)

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