Lying Feminist of the Month (June, 2019)

Regarding Men is proud to introduce the Lying Feminist of the Month Award. Each month we will be identifying a lying feminist whose dishonesty is so remarkable that it merits a public profile. 

It’s a difficult task to determine who stands out given that feminism is an ideology of lies, populated by who view a forked tongue as a sign of good breeding. However, we are determined to expose those who stand atop the mountain of mendacity each and every month. 

This month’s fibbing feminist is E. Jean Carroll, who has just accused President Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her 25 years ago in a Manhattan department store, where she claims she was modeling see-through lingerie for him in one of the dressing rooms. 

Carroll used her accusation to promote her new book, “What Do We Need Men For?” despite never having reported the allegation to police, or written about it or bringing it to the public’s attention during the first 2 1/2 years of the Trump presidency. 

When asked if she was willing to file charges on President Trump now, she said, “No,” inexplicably and bizarrely citing the fact that she did not want to offend illegal alien rape victims on the US southern border who, according to Carroll, are being raped “24-7.”

She appeared on CNN on the Anderson Cooper show to talk about the alleged incident, abruptly making comments about rape being sexy, then flirting with Cooper openly before he could get her off camera. 

Despite the strange behavior of this obvious liar and her complete lack of credibility, she is currently making the rounds on Fake News media outlets like CNN and MSNBC. She’s yet to face an incisive question from anyone. 

In that light, E. Jean Carroll must be recognized as the Feminist Liar of the Month for June, 2019, with a dis-honorable mention going to Fake News (for the assist).

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