Men. Women. Relationships. an excerpt


First, some words about Perseus and The Medusa on the cover of this book. I’m sure it could be a bit of a head scratcher; a book on relationships presented with the image of a man holding up the head of a woman that he has just severed from her body. I can almost hear the screeching of feminist harpies as I write this into the book’s introduction. O.K., so that much is good.

Still, there will be people other than feminists; rational, thinking people, who may take issue with the imagery. I respectfully remind them that Perseus was a god and The Medusa was a monster. Mythical characters, both of them. Neither are accurately representative of men or women respectively. The intent of drawing from the story of Perseus and Medusa the Gorgon is to punctuate the idea that solving relationship problems requires the slaying of some demons. In each other and in ourselves. It does not mean, for the hopelessly literal among us, that we cut each other’s heads off.

The point of all this comes into focus when we consider the deteriorating state of modern relationships, especially given our collective inability to discuss those relationships honestly. This is particularly relevant where men are concerned. What men want and expect from relationships most often turns out to be vastly different from what they end up getting. I know this because I’ve spent most of my adult life watching men pursue relationships into a brick wall; witnessing the damage that happens when fantasy collides with reality. The only way for men to make that train wreck worse is to talk about it honestly, openly and without apology.

So, what the hell, let’s do it anyway.

This book is dedicated to an examination of how men enter relationships wanting and expecting love, companionship and regular sex in a trusting partnership. It’s also dedicated to how men end up running themselves to exhaustion on a loveless, sexless hamster wheel, trying to satisfy women who are constitutionally incapable of being satisfied. More importantly, it is dedicated to jumping off that hamster wheel; to rejecting the yes‑man their relationship demands and becoming the man they were intended to be.

***End Excerpt***

To read the entire book you can find it here.

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