Paul, Janice and Tom have started a newsletter. The purpose is to keep you informed about men’s issues, our activities, and also as a safety precaution. So many folks are being banned from social media lately and we wanted to be sure we had a way to stay in touch with those of like mind. This way, if we get axed we can still stay in touch.

All you need to sign up is a first name and an email address. The form below will get you started:

This is likely to be a low level newsletter with about 4 emails a month. Sometimes a bit more if there are events that we want to be sure you know about.

Please know that we will never share your email with others. We take that very seriously.

The signup form also has choices for notifications. Checking one of those on your signup will ensure that you get email notification for any new videos for that channel. You can choose some, none or all. It’s up to you. We did this because we have found that even when people hit the youtube bell to be notified there seems to be times when the notifications just don’t get through. This way, by checking the channels on the form you will be assured to know as soon as the videos go public.

Thanks very much for your interest in this endeavor and please let us know if you have feedback.

Tom, Paul, and Janice