We Need Anti-Feminist Strategies Specifically for Fathers

Janice Fiamengo

There is a whole book to be written (perhaps there are some that I haven’t found yet) on the necessity of a conscious or instinctive anti-feminism on the part of today’s fathers in relation to their daughters (sons too, of course–but that’s another subject). 

Feminism at its core is an attack on male authority and on men’s ability to love women and children; feminists have written entire books claiming with a straight face that the signature of patriarchy is the father’s legitimized rape and abuse of his daughters (see Elizabeth Ward, for example). The attack has been so undermining to many men that they have been unable to respond except with bewilderment for the past 40 years and more. 

This subject clicked for me only recently when I read Paul’s “Daddy’s Little Nightmare” and thought about my own father’s role in teaching me not to be a petulant princess–teaching me to take responsibility for myself and refusing my demands for feminine privileges. As in so many others areas of feminist onslaught, fathers need support to refuse their given role as the (either unredeemed or apologetic) oppressors of women. 

If fathers cannot withstand the feminist demand for compliance, they risk losing their daughters and contributing to yet another generation of unhappy, abusive women.

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  1. The feminist court court system and feminism movement in my work place has totally destroyed my life! At the age 52 the court system awarded my ex wife 79% of my Assets even when it was proven that my ex had a Paramore… I had to go to a year of consoling because she accuse me of abusive behaviour towards my kids which was a total lie . Than my work put a girl fresh out of school in my management position and put me under her and disregard my position and said it no longer existed But they would let me stay and work if I was under her…. I have no alternative because of what the court has done to me . Someday I hope my children knows what was truely done to me…. it is good I am a religious man because that is the only peace of mind I could get…Wes

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